Full Service Brand Protection Programs

A key to any brand owner’s success in fighting counterfeiting and piracy is to develop and maintain an aggressive and complete brand protection strategy and program. Our team has worked with countless brand owners and outside counsel in the development and implementation of their brand protection programs in both the real and virtual worlds.

The IC team knows and understands what it takes to develop a strategic plan for a particular brand owner. The problem of counterfeiting is very common amongst brand owners, however, not every brand owner’s program should be the same. There are unique problems and issues that affect each brand owner differently.

We can assist any brand owner in designing a brand protection strategy that is unique for that particular brand owner to ensure their needs are fully met. Our team is capable of developing the program from the ground up. As in business or any organization, the foundation of a program is the most important component to a successful outcome or result. The phrase “Everything Matters” truly applies in the situation of designing the right program.

A truly successful program can actually bring money back into the program through criminal restitution, civil litigation, and proactive recovery programs. An effective program will include the following:

  • Training & Education
  • Criminal & Civil Enforcement
  • Internet Management & Enforcement
  • Criminal & Civil Restitution Programs
  • Brand Image & IP Protection

Please feel free to contact us today and see how the IC Team can assist you.