Intellectual Property Crimes

1/20/2021 - 1/20/2021

This event is being hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce, Global Innovation Policy Center. The event is free of charge for law enforcement and you must register at the below link.

The featured speakers for this event will be leading experts from the Los Angeles Police Department's Illicit Pharmaceuticals & Counterfeit Unit and The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Counterfeit and Piracy Unit.

Counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise measured at $509 billion dollars by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

With many counterfeit products directly impacting the health and safety of consumers, trademark owners enforce their rights and attempt to recover damages and deter counterfeiters from future criminal acts. While federal enforcement of trademarks is the most commonly available remedy both for trademark owners and prosecutors, prioritization of resources necessitates exploration of state statutes to enforce trademark rights.

This course will explore the sophisticated nature of internet-enabled counterfeiting crimes and scams as well as tactics for establishing evidence in trademark counterfeiting criminal cases with successful case examples.

Knowledgeable presenters will outline the significance of the global scope of physical counterfeiting, the criminal statutory framework prohibiting trademark counterfeiting, the use of state criminal trademark counterfeiting statutes, and evidentiary issues to obtain convictions.

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Date and Time:
1000 to 1100 PST/ 100 to 200 pm ET


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