Welcome to Investigative Consultants

Investigative Consultants is an independent, highly skilled, and fully licensed professional investigative company dedicated to “Protecting the Rights of Creative Minds®”. As one of the world’s leading investigation firms, we specialize in investigations related to trademark counterfeiting, piracy, and other Intellectual Property (IP) matters. We proudly represent over 200 companies ranging from some of the world’s largest and most prominent brands, to many of the up-and-coming smaller brands in the marketplace. IC focuses on Intellectual Property Crimes and has the ability to advance undercover and cyber IP investigations to on-the-ground actions. With the support of IC’s enforcement division, many of these investigations are successfully pursued by law enforcement officials and can result in arrests, seizures, and convictions. In addition to providing investigative services, IC works with and provides training to numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and abroad. Trainings equip law enforcement officials with the knowledge to effectively pursue and investigate IP Crimes. Our unique combination of investigative service options, geographical reach, and extensive experience positions IC with the resources to conduct virtually any type of investigation. Investigative Consultants is fully dedicated to providing exceptional services. We look forward to the opportunity to Protect Creation and Innovation.