Online Brand Protection & Enforcement Program

A key to any brand owner’s success in fighting counterfeiting and piracy is to develop and maintain an aggressive and complete brand protection strategy and program. Our team has worked with countless brand owners and outside counsel in the development and implementation of their brand protection programs in both the real and cyber world. The IC team knows and understands what it takes to develop a strategic plan for a particular brand owner.

Unauthorized sellers are increasingly utilizing the cyber realm as a platform to market unlawful consumer goods. These sellers exploit numerous websites, social media platforms, and applications, which present various challenges for brand owners to effectively enforce the unauthorized sales of their goods. Our Online Brand Protection & Enforcement Program is dedicated to tackling online brand misuse by searching for unauthorized goods being marketed and sold across various online social media and marketplace platforms. Our services include searching online platforms, lead evaluations, data gathering, full investigations, and real and cyber world enforcement solutions.

The IC Team can assist any brand owner in designing a brand protection strategy that is unique for that particular brand owner to ensure their needs are fully met. Our team is capable of developing the program from the ground up. Combining IC’s tools and strengths both on-the-ground and online, brand owners can feel confident that their intellectual property rights are in the right hands. IC is fully-able to track, trace, identify, and enforce any clients intellectual property rights, and work tirelessly to ensure that their brand is fully protected, both on-the-ground and online.

As the shift towards e-commerce grows, it is crucial that brand owners are made fully-aware about the rising threat of counterfeit goods being marketed and sold online. The IC team understands what methods and techniques are needed to be utilized to successfully obtain the information and documentation necessary to deal with the various issues related to intellectual property right violations on the Internet. Our team prides itself on developing as much evidence as possible for our clients to determine how they want to proceed against the criminals on the web. Our team of investigators is properly trained and able to assist brand owners with their needs related to the virtual world.

As your single source for online brand protection, IC has the ability to search in-house for unauthorized advertisements and listings across multiple mainstream online platforms. Additionally, IC is able to fully-identify potential leads, conduct full investigations, and provide effective enforcement solutions specifically for your brand. This program is uniquely designed to develop cases from online advertisements and listings to on-the-ground undercover operations that may be pursued by law enforcement. Additionally, brand owners can utilize this program as a foundation for building successful litigation cases against these unauthorized sellers. These cases may allow brand owners the ability to recover damages, including infringer’s profits, lost profits, loss of goodwill, corrective advertising costs, reasonable royalties, and more.

Combining both the real world and cyber world investigations, IC will be a brand’s one-stop shop for all its brand protection needs. IC will be able to enforce in the cyber world by taking down websites, listings, and/or advertisements for the sales of unauthorized goods.  And by utilizing our strengths in our on-the ground investigations, these cases can lead to arrests, seizures, and convictions of unauthorized sellers, resulting in both criminal and civil liability.

An effective program will include the following:

  • Training & Education
  • Criminal & Civil Enforcement
  • Internet Management & Enforcement
  • Criminal & Civil Restitution Programs
  • Brand Image & IP Protection

The challenge of dealing with the Internet can be a very daunting task. Being a proactive brand owner with a competent understanding about the threat of online infringers will allow brands to continue to protect their creativity and innovation while enjoying long-term sustainable success.

Please feel free to contact us today and see how the IC Team can assist you.

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