Evidence Solutions

The IC team has provided evidence inventory, collection, tracking and storage services to law enforcement, brand owners, trade associations, governmental agencies and other entities for over 14 years. Our team has built a solid reputation for the superior and efficient services provided.

Our team of professionals are well experienced in all aspects of evidence documentation, collection and storage for court purposes. We have the experience in dealing with both the criminal and civil arenas and understand the requirements involved with keeping evidence safe and secure.

Our facilities have been inspected and designated by various law enforcement agencies as “approved offsite” storage facilities for evidence being held in criminal matters. All of our facilities maintain high level security processes that ensure the integrity and safe-keeping of all items under our control. Our remotely monitored facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, alarms, sign in & out logs, controlled access procedures and other means that ensure its security.

Our evidence collection teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist our clients. Our teams are outfitted and equipped with all the necessary tools to assist our clients with their evidence needs, including multiple cargo vans and trucks that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to assist in the transportation of large or small quantities of evidence.

Our team also has the experience in assisting with relatively small matters to large scale operations that may involve multiple locations in various jurisdictions. Our team has been involved with some of the largest seizures of counterfeit and stolen goods in history. The IC team has also coordinated large scale operations involving multiple agencies and other resources including trucking companies, locksmiths and forensic computer investigators. We take great pride in the services that our team provides to our clients. We value and understand the great importance of the proper documentation and safe keeping for all gathered evidence.