About Investigative Consultants

The Investigative Consultants Team was created 22 years ago to form the largest network of trained and experienced private investigators that specialize in Intellectual Property investigations and enforcement. Our team consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable investigators who have years of experience in conducting all types of investigations that affect the business and corporate world.

Over the past two decades, our team has represented over 200 world famous brand owners and countless attorneys in their Intellectual Property and investigative needs. Our members have played a vital role in the recovery of billions of dollars worth of counterfeit and pirated products, and the equipment used in the manufacturing process. In addition, our investigators have the experience to handle both civil and criminal cases which have resulted in criminal convictions for counterfeiting and piracy charges.

The IC team possesses a proven record to completely handle a brand owner’s investigative needs from beginning to end. IC is a full service investigative company that takes great pride in working closely with our clients to bring every investigation to a successful conclusion and fully protect Intellectual Property rights.

Investigative Consultants is operated under the direction of Kris Buckner.