Due Diligence

The Investigative Consultants team has developed several proactive and innovative techniques that can be utilized to ensure companies are doing their business with valued business partners rather than a company that may potentially be exposing them to bad PR or monetary disaster.

Our team specializes in assisting our clients in their efforts to truly know and understand their business partners. We can perform “Due Diligence” background investigations on companies that are prospective licensees, contractors, or distributors. The resources spent on an investigation prior to entering any type of formal relationship can prove to be invaluable.

We have been able to uncover information for our clients that have led them to avoid entering certain relationships and also exit relationships prior to being exposed to devastating damage. Unless a brand owner takes action prior to entering a business venture, they are truly exposing themselves.

The IC Team has learned over the years that once a company is in a relationship, they must conduct compliance and integrity checks. The brand owners that are proactive and protective of their names and brands will generally be exposed to fewer issues that can potentially kill their brand. It is extremely important to be diligent when it comes to ensuring that you are doing everything to protect your good name.