Internet Investigations


The sale of counterfeit goods on the world wide web is growing every day. On any given day, there are thousands of sites and auction sales that are occurring involving the sales of goods that are counterfeit, infringing, or gray market. This problem is growing because of the protection the internet provides to the counterfeiters (or so they think).

It is important that brand owners develop and implement a cohesive strategy to deal with the internet. There are many areas that require monitoring, attention and action when it comes to competently dealing with the virtual world.

Counterfeiters feel and believe they are safe as long as they only deal in the virtual world. That is not necessarily true. The IC team has been able to successfully trace, track, and identify the operators of counterfeit websites, and develop hard evidence against them.

Several of our cases have been developed and presented to various law enforcement agencies, which ultimately led to criminal prosecutions. Many of these cases have also led to the service of search warrants and the seizure of large quantities of counterfeit merchandise. In these cases, site operators were arrested and successfully prosecuted for their criminal activity.

The IC team understands what methods and techniques need to be utilized to successfully obtain the information and documentation necessary to deal with the various issues related to trademark violations on the internet. Our team prides itself on developing as much evidence as possible for our clients to determine how they want to proceed against the criminals on the web.

Dealing with the internet presents various challenges for brand owners. Our team of investigators is well seasoned and able to assist brand owners with their needs related to the virtual world. The following are some of the services that the IC team provides:

  • Track, Trace, & Identify
  • Auction & Website Takedowns
  • Brand Name & Logo Monitoring
  • Criminal & Civil Enforcement Solutions

The challenge of dealing with the internet can be a very daunting task. Please feel free to contact us today to evaluate how we can assist you with subduing the problem. Allow us to assist your company by proactively developing/implementing a cohesive and strategic plan.