Special Event Enforcement

Special event enforcement can be a challenging task. The IC team has experience in working all types of events from concerts, wrestling matches, motorcycle rallies and sporting events to other events that commonly attract transient vendors who come to the events to quickly cash in on the event’s popularity.

It is very important to take some type of action at these events. If a brand owner or venue operator does nothing to protect the legitimate sales of merchandise at these types of events, the counterfeiters and pirates will most certainly take advantage of the lack of enforcement. The legitimate vendors will lose large amounts of sales if these illegitimate vendors are allowed to freely conduct their sales.

There are various ways that in which you can deal with special events that have a duration of one to several days. The best and most effective way to deal with the vendors in these situations is to work with local law enforcement to conduct criminal actions against the subjects that are around the events selling their pirated or counterfeit merchandise. If the vendors face arrest and prosecution at these events, they will think twice and will usually focus their efforts on other venues or events they know do not conduct any type of enforcement. The counterfeiters and pirates talk with each other and they know who is and who is not a part of enforcement.

The IC team has had great experiences working with various law enforcement agencies in dealing with special event enforcement.