Public Classes – Open Source Intelligence

Investigative Consultants is proud to host the Open Source Intelligence Class (OSINT) presented by Sandra Stibbards of Camelot Investigations.

Ms. Stibbards is an amazing investigator with a wealth of knowledge of OSINT and the worldwide web. All investigators and law enforcement professionals need this information and knowledge to properly conduct an investigation in today’s day and age.

You will not want to miss this class! Sign up today and take your investigative skills to the next level.

This class is designed for those with advanced to even very basic computer skills. Everyone will leave this class with a wealth of new knowledge that will benefit their cases!


The OSINT training course provides extensive information relating to surface and deep web searching along with advanced online search techniques & strategies, online privacy / anonymity tools, counterintelligence techniques used by the criminal element, Threat Assessments, archiving tools and methods to obtain archived pages & hidden information, and search techniques of blogs and social networks.

Lists of search engines, blogs, forums, social networks, etc. along with search tools on the ways to use these items will be provided throughout the training. You will never conduct an investigation in the same manner as you did before you attend this class.

Many of the attendees for this class have been federal employees or defense contractors. The agencies attending this course have included the US Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission, DHS Explosive Ordinance Disposal, DHS Transportation Security Administration, Social Security Administration, Department of Defense, NIRA (Immigration Customs Enforcement), Department of Commerce, sheriff’s offices, police departments as well as various aerospace companies through DOD.

Other attendees have been from international corporations involved in internet investigations and security as well as the financial and pharmaceutical industries.

This class offers something for everyone involved in the investigations profession. Please feel free to contact Sandra at for further details about this class.