Public Classes – Undercover Operative Training

The Professional Investigator’s Choice for Training that Counts

The skills that it takes to be an outstanding undercover operative are both learned and natural. Our team knows and understands what it takes to conduct and complete effective undercover operations. In order to be a great undercover, you must know and understand your mission and be able to properly perform in an undercover capacity. It is equally important to manage the assignment properly from the beginning.

A large part of being a great undercover investigator has nothing to do with investigations at all. A great undercover investigator is more like an actor or an actress that can play a role and make everyone believe that they are in fact that character. It takes desire, passion and commitment to truly be a great undercover.

The Investigators within our own organization have successfully completed hundreds of undercover operations that have lead to the arrest and convictions of numerous individuals for various crimes including grand theft, money laundering, trademark counterfeiting, sales of narcotics, piracy, theft of trade secrets and other serious crimes. Our team has spent years developing and refining our undercover training program. Our team works on a regular basis to improve themselves and our overall undercover program. Our training program is designed to share our experiences and techniques that have taken us years to refine and develop.

Our team has worked for years in the undercover world. We “live & breath” our assignments and take great pride in the investigations that our team conducts. We have developed and refined our undercover systems and the strategies that we utilize during the course of our investigations. It is extremely important that undercover investigators understand and utilize all the tools that are available to them to successfully complete their assignments.

There are so many aspects to successfully running undercover operations. The training that our company provides will provide the tools to successfully succeed in this arena. Our Undercover Operative & Management training will cover the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning & Preparation
  • Undercover Operation Management
  • Undercover Operative Training
  • Cover Stories & Identities
  • Operative Support & Coverage
  • The Tools of the Trade
  • Report Writing
  • Evidence Preparation & Documentation
  • Client Relations & Communication
  • Working with Law Enforcement
  • Courtroom Presentation & Testimony

During our training programs, our team will share real life experiences and case studies that will give you the true understanding of how in depth investigations may go and how prepared the undercover investigators must be at all times. Not only are our training programs very interactive and hands on, they are guaranteed to be interesting and educational.

Our program will truly assist you in taking the undercover assignments to the next level while accomplishing your mission. Undercover investigations are a true specialty in the investigative industry. Any company that is able to successfully complete these operations will gain market share and build a solid reputation in the business community.

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