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Surveillance is probably one of the hardest skills for a Professional Investigator to learn and master. Surveillance is an “Art.” Many investigators claim that they are proficient at surveillance; however, realistically they are not the best that they can be. The truly great surveillance investigators have a passion for conducting surveillance and a real desire to obtain results.

To master surveillance, you must train and evolve with every surveillance that you conduct. No two surveillances are exactly alike. Preparation and planning for the surveillance is actually just as important as how the actual surveillance itself is conducted. It is very important to have a strategic plan for every surveillance you conduct. Planning for success is a key factor to successfully completing a surveillance operation.

The surveillance investigator must know and understand what the ultimate goal of the surveillance is. There are so many different types of surveillances and in each case, the important factors that need to be established may be very different. Our team has conducted all types of surveillances in various types of situations.

Our surveillance training is designed to enhance the Professional Investigator’s knowledge and understanding of the various methods and techniques that can be utilized to conduct a successful surveillance operation. We will not only address the methods of conducting surveillance, we will also address the “Mind Set” that is needed to excel as a surveillance investigator. Our training programs will cover some of the following topics:

  • The Attitude of Success
  • Understanding the Assignment
  • The Tools of the Trade
  • Strategic Planning & Preparation
  • Communication & Clarity
  • Mobile & Stationary Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance Measures
  • Evidence Collection & Documentation
  • Report Writing
  • Client Forms and Disclosures
  • Preparation for Courtroom Testimony

The IC team prides itself on providing the highest quality training available to the professional investigators that have a true desire to be the best they can be. Our training will assist you in developing the additional skills and the “Mind Set” that is needed to bring you success.

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“Begin with the End in Mind”