Training Comments

Law Enforcement Comments


“Real good training. They were thorough, explained everything well, and were informative and realistic about how suspects are prosecuted. Having a current LASD detective talk about it was relevant for all of us back here. The amount of food was awesome too, I’ve never ate so well during training!”

– Detective


“The training was great. I liked how they took time to talk about counterfeit drugs. I had no idea there was that much dangerous stuff out there. Thats important to know.”

– Deputy


“Kris, first let me say thank you for this class. One of the best I’ve been to in some time. A lot of good information was given out, almost too much to keep up with.”

– El Cajon Police Department


“First off great class! Material was great and having the brand representatives was unique and pretty cool for firsthand knowledge. Growing up in an immigrant family from Mexico a lot of the material hit kind of hard for various reasons (unchecked meds, buying meds from places I shouldn’t be buying meds, etc.)

– Deputy Sheriff


“It was the first Investigative Consultant’s training event I’ve ever attended. It was great. It was well organized, had great content, and well attended. Thanks for providing it.”

– Special Agent – Federal Agency


“This was the best training I have been to. I wouldn’t have learned this material without attending.”

– Deputy


“Thank you.
I really enjoyed this training! It is really informative and great tool for my Department to take a serious consideration of implementing it as part of our probation compliance searches. Especially, with AB109 population we are supervising. Thank you for a great class.”

– LA County Probation


“Thank you for providing the training. Your team was very organized, well prepared and accommodating. Take care.”

– Investigator – Intelligence and Investigations Unit


“I found the training very useful. I work homicides but it opened my eyes to alternative investigative tracks for some of our suspects and even witnesses who may not cooperate.”

– SFPD / Homicide


“I really enjoyed the training. I will recommend it to other officers next time is it available. You all had great energy, new pertinent information, and presented everything in a way that was entertaining and easy to understand. Great job!!!”

– Deputy Probation Officer II


Brand Owner Comments


“It was the best training event of the year, and the best one I’ve ever attended.”

– Director of Brand Integrity


“Thanks Kris for hosting and your team was terrific at organizing every little detail. I am very hopeful after speaking to so many officers yesterday we can get something going in the LA area.”

– Senior Brand Enforcement Manager


“Great seeing you all, as always and thank you for organizing such a great day!
Your events are always so informative, inspirational and a great reminder of how much of an impact our work really does have so bravo to you and your team for another successful event!”

– General Counsel – Luxury goods manufacturer


“Kris- Yesterday’s event (and the meeting the day before) was by far the best event I have been to since joining MK. Thank you so much for organizing and putting it together.”

– Assistant General Counsel, Global IP & Brand Protection


“Thank you for always-always organizing the BEST Law Enforcement trainings!!!! Your employees are top notch and so well organized. I heard from 2 people that had never attended how impressed they were!”

– Consumer Safety Certification company