The Fundamentals of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

9/10/2020 - 9/10/2020

This event is being hosted by Philip Morris International, California Narcotic Officers Association Region II, and Investigative Consultants.

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This will be the first of 6 webinars that will address Illicit Trade

This unique and first of its kind course will delve around the convergence of illicit trade in tobacco products with transnational crimes. Like other forms of illicit trade, the illicit trade in tobacco products, is a growing threat to U.S. national interests. Internationally, it fuels transnational crime, corruption, and terrorism. As it converges with other criminal activities it undermines the rule of law and the illicit market economy and creates greater insecurity and instability in many of today's security "hot spots" around the world.

Illicit tobacco provides a significant revenue stream for illicit actors without the high risks and punishments associated with trafficking in narcotics or humans.

Moreover, as the digital world evolves, the challenge of protecting brands online is getting more difficult. Online threats are emerging faster than they can be found and taken down. Social media, search engines, domain names and brand hijacking are just some of the new challenges facing brands in the digital age.
The course will explore the links between illicit trade in tobacco products and money laundering, terror funding, human trafficking and other crimes of the larger spiderweb of illicit economies.

Who is this course for? Active Law enforcement officers involved in the investigation of financial crimes.
General Requirements: The participants need to have an interest and/or experience in understanding and combatting illicit trade, trafficking, finance, and related issues

Program intensity: 6 Weeks | 3 hours per week (including 1-hour webinar)
Starting Date: September 10th, 2020
Delivery Mode: Online – Webinar sessions

Fees: The program is free for active law enforcement officers

Lecturers: For each Webinar session we will bring an expert on the subject to analyze in depth the links with terrorism funding, transnational organized crime and other financial crimes.


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