Undercover Investigations

For over 20 years, Investigative Consultants has been conducting successful undercover investigations. IC has a fully trained undercover and surveillance team that has years of experience in dealing with individuals and criminal organizations. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise in working cases in preparation for a criminal prosecution. We have worked with numerous law enforcement agencies on both the federal and local levels. IC knows and understands the importance of providing credible evidence to law enforcement agencies in order to achieve an effective outcome.

Investigative Consultants has the infrastructure in place to conduct short-term or very in-depth long-term investigations. The investigators within our organization have successfully completed hundreds of undercover operations that have led to the arrest and convictions of numerous individuals for various crimes including grand theft, money laundering, trademark counterfeiting, sales of narcotics, piracy, theft of trade secrets, and other serious crimes. Our team has spent years developing and refining our undercover strategies so that we can adapt to any investigation. The IC undercover investigators work on a regular basis to improve themselves and our overall undercover program.

We live and breathe our assignments and take great pride in the investigations that our team conducts. Please feel free to contact us today and see how the IC Team can assist you.