Public Training Classes

“Begin with the End in Mind”

Investigative Consultants (IC) is committed to providing the highest quality investigative training and educational materials that are available to Professional Investigators. Our team prides itself on the products and services that we have developed over the years and welcome the opportunity to share our experience, expertise and passion with our fellow professional investigators and law enforcement.

Our training programs and materials are designed to assist Professional Investigators in developing and enhancing their expertise and knowledge in various aspects of the investigative and business field. We are firm believers in the philosophy that “EVERYTHING MATTERS”. Any successful investigator or business owner must constantly evolve and continually educate themselves in order to be on the top of their game to reach their maximum potential.

We offer various types of training programs designed for the Professional Investigator. Our training classes focus on:

  • Surveillance Training
  • Report Writing
  • Informant Handling
  • Undercover Training
  • Investigative Business Building
  • Courtroom Testimony

The IC Team is driven by our desire and commitment to bettering our industry and assisting our fellow Professional Investigators in reaching their goals.

Investigative Consultants is operated under the Direction of Kris Buckner.

Business Building
The road to building a successful business is not an easy one. It requires desire, commitment and a strategic plan.
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Surveillance Training
Surveillance is probably one of the hardest skills for a Professional Investigator to learn and master. Surveillance is an “Art.”
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Undercover Operative Training
The skills that it takes to be an outstanding undercover operative are both learned and natural.
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Courtroom Testimony and Preparation
Any investigator can go out and collect great evidence in a case; however, the evidence can only be considered credible and reliable if the investigator himself is considered to be credible and reliable.
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Open Source Intelligence
Investigative Consultants is proud to host the Open Source Intelligence Class (OSINT) presented by Sandra Stibbards of Camelot Investigations.
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